AYSO Region 84
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 Field Status Registration

To register for email or text message notification for field closures, please fill out the form below and press the 'Register' button.  You must be a registered volunteer to have access to this service.  To verify your volunteer status, please enter your AYSO ID number and press the 'Lookup' button.  The AYSO ID number is located on your volunteer form or from www.eayso.org.  After pressing the 'Lookup' button your contact information will appear in the fields below.  After verifying the information press the 'Register' button located at the bottom of the form to register.  If you are already registered the button will display 'Unregister'; to Unregister just press the 'Unregister' button.

AYSO Region 84 will not provide your email address or cell phone number to any third parties.  This information is kept locally and is only used to provide field status notification.

Please Note: AYSO Region 84 is not responsible for text message charges your cell phone carrier may apply.


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