AYSO Region 84
  Mission Viejo, CA

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Regional Commissioner - Dave Selecky

Fall Play

The Fall Play program is the main focus of AYSO Soccer, and the fall season runs from September - November.  All other programs such as Winter Play and Spring Play are additional and only available to players who have participated in the Fall Play Program.  The Fall Play program is competitive; however, it doesn't lose track of the fact that it's all about having fun.  During the fall season AYSO Region 84 services approximately 3,000 players on 300 teams.  Hosting this many players and teams requires a lot of volunteers.  Each team has a registered volunteer coach who is age appropiate certified.  This certification is provided to the coach at no cost.  Each of these teams participate in a twelve or thirteen game regular season.  This requires a lot of certified Referee volunteers.  In addition this program is completely organized by a volunteer board.  As you can imagine, running the program smoothly requires a lot of team work. 

Registration for the fall season takes place in the spring with the first registration date being referred to as the Early Bird registration.  All players registering at the Early Bird registration receive a discount with a family maximum.  To receive the discount, you must register in person.





Benefits of Playing AYSO in Region 84

  • Child First - Child Focused

  • Emphasis on Development of the child as a person and soccer player

  • Local Mission Viejo fields (U5 to U14) - No traveling required to play

  • South Orange County Fields (U16  & U19) - Play against other teams on Area 11L Fields

  • All teams are eligible to play in Region 84 Fall "End of Season" playoffs (U9 to U14)

  • All coaches are age specific trained & certified - No cost for training

  • Coaches are allowed to select their assistants

  • No referee fees for the games

  • Fall, Winter and Spring seasons

  • Professional Goalkeeper Training at no additional cost

  • Emphasis on AYSO's six philosophies

  • General liability insurance for volunteers

  • Accident insurance for players and volunteers

  • Established infrastructure already in place