AYSO Region 84
  Mission Viejo, CA

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Referee Administrator - Jeremy Howes

Volunteer Point Policy

Each team is responsible for obtaining 20 points (U09 - U19) or 5 points (U8) during the season.  Volunteer points can be accumulated by refereeing or assistant refereeing a game.  In addition one volunteer point can be obtained in each half season by attending a referee meeting.
  • Team goal per season:
    • 20 points minimum (U10 - U19 teams)
    • 5 points minimum (U8 teams)


  • Accrual of Points
    • 2-point per refereed game (U9 - U19), either referee or assistant referee
      • Must signup for match on Match Track before game time.
      • Changes to team credit cannot be changed after game date
      • 10-points maximum accrual per team each half season.
    • 1 point for stepping up at game (must be in full uniform). Referee (center) is to report changes in referee team to RRA
    • 1-point per attended referee meeting (Max accrual per half season)
    • 1-point for U8 games. Note: Home team is responsible for coverage if not covered by neutral referee
    • 1-point for mentoring another referee.  Must be an approved mentor by Director of Mentoring
    • 1 point per attended referee meeting by certified referee only 4 pts max per season (2pts max per meeting)
    • 1 point for referee badge upgrade for Intermediate, Advanced, and National upgrades


  • Teams not meeting points
    • Teams may not be eligible for Champions Cup (U10 - U14)
    • U16-U19 Teams may not be eligible for Region, Area, or Section tournaments
    • Coaches may not be eligible to coach for Spring, All Star or EPP teams (U8 - U19 coaches)